Hi, my name is Travis.

I was raised in a Christian home, have gone to church all of my life, and have been teaching in Christian schools my entire career. However, despite “growing up Christian,” I had a lot of questions which led to a lot of doubts. My questions went years without answers. My doubts went years without relief. But, I studied, and God directed. I thought, and God guided. I prayed, and God blessed.

By the grace of God, I have come a long way.

Even after finding many answers, it often seems that I have more questions now than ever. Nevertheless, the more I study the more I find my belief in God confirmed, my reliance on the Bible strengthened, and my faith in Jesus Christ deepened. As a result, my view of culture with all of its variations and issues is enlightened. To quote C.S. Lewis,

I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.

The work I do on Bread & Fish is the overflow of a personal journey. Here, I share my thoughts on theology, philosophy, and culture. The questions are real, the discussion is clear, the thinking is solid…and the sarcasm is frequent.

As a philosopher and a teacher, I have given myself to build God’s kingdom by discipleship of the mind. I have fifteen years of experience, teaching high school and college age students what it means to live life for God’s glory and people’s good. Currently, I am teaching in a Christian school in South Carolina, and I am working toward a masters degree in philosophy.

Areas of Interest


Philosophical Apologetics, Cultural Apologetics, Worldview Studies, Comparative Religion, Cultural Anthropology, Christianity and Culture


Philosophical Theology, History of Philosophy, Logic, Social Ontology, Church History Aesthetics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind

Research Topics

Metaphysics, the Metaphysics of Race, The Argument for the Existence of God from Consciousness, the Nature of Consciousness and Spiritual Formation, Science and Morality, Literary Philosophy, Aesthetic Cognitivism

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Just trying to give Jesus my bread and fish.